Call Center no Koibito

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At last I've completed this series!

Oh the series isn't too bad, but due to the fact that the subbers had delays in the subs that's why it wasn't completed until recently. Nonetheless, I thank the subbers for their hard work to complete the project!

It was an interesting choice for me to choose this serial to watch as it greatly differs from the genre of serial that I'd choose normally. The story talks about an executive who was demoted from the main office to a local call center to handle customer complaints. The story revolves around the happenings around the call center.

I guess it deserves the overall 6.1% kanto rating as it takes a bit of patience to finish this serial. Again, I must emphasize that the serial isn't too bad, but the pace and the storyline is so typical jap style. After watching some much jap dramas over the years, you can deduce a kind of "pattern". Furthermore, with no famous cast in the drama, it lacks the star power to pull viewers in as well. Nonetheless, the storyline is refreshing as dramas seldom focus industries like this.

Not highly recommended, but I wouldn't condemn it as well.

Yoshitaka Yuriko~~~~

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Yuriko-Chan so pretty~~~~~~~

Oh She's in Fall'09 Tokyo Dogs!!! Do catch it! =)