-= Under the silence of the Night =-

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Just realised I haven't been posting much about my personal stuff. Mostly what you see in here are just some reviews for some shows that I've watched. Not that I do not like to post things about myself but sometimes I wonder is there a need to post something about myself. After all, ever since I changed the blog skin from the old one to this current skin, I've removed the personal info section as well and first timers who come to my blog will just assume it's just some review blog.

I do have close friends coming in every now and then to check out what I've been up to and probably I thought I owe them a post since if your friend checks out your blog most likely they would like to know what you've been up to and how are you etc. So here goes a slight update!

I've been taking a part time course since last August and I'm already 3/4 done with it. Just a few assignments, projects and one final paper and I'm done with the course. I'd say this course has been really enjoyable because it's something which I really enjoyed studying and for the first time I'm probably studying for something I have a major interest in. Sadly to say sometimes it takes a lifetime to know what you like and what you don't. But at least I'm fortunate enough to know I pretty much enjoy what I'm studying right now. Hope to do well for the remaining semester and pass with a nice diploma.

Because of the night classes for this course, I had to give up my weekly session of tennis with my dad and his friends. Interestingly, I really missed the tennis sessions. I didn't know I would enjoy playing tennis that much and frankly speaking, I'm poor in it as well. But having a few good rallies will really perk your feelings up. Besides, it's a good activity that I share with my dad. There's this saying that girls will stick to their fathers more while guys would always be the mommy's boy. Well, I view it as an important activity that I bond with my dad.

"Under the silence of the night, where I fell in love with silence and learned to embrace its beauty"


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I don't have a thing for Taiwanese dramas. Seriously. I can assure the amount of Taiwanese drama that I have completed is less than the amount of fingers I have. One of the pet peeve regarding Taiwanese dramas is that it is usually too cheesy, too exaggerated and just simply, dumb. I can still remember one particular drama that make my heart boil. The starting was good, the middle was okay and the ending I felt was so bad that I want sumo wrestle the male lead and throw an asteroid the director for ending that drama in that manner.

What made me started this show was from a local free-to-distribute local newspaper. During this period there were 3 dramas that featured some of the hottest male leads in the Taiwan industry and they were comparing the viewership for these dramas. 下一站,幸福 managed to garner 7.63%, which was pretty decent given the competitiveness of the golden time slot for dramas. All I can say is that once I started the show, I just want to finish the whole drama at one go.

Interesting to note, the drama is still airing in Taiwan right now. Why do I say it's interesting is because I seldom blog about any dramas when it's still airing. The last episode was delayed due to Chinese New Year weekend (DARN!), so the last episode is this coming weekend. I got to say this drama has surprised me quite a bit. The script was very well written, no cheesy acting, or in fact I should say very convincing acting by everyone (esp. 小小彬), and a great soundtrack to boot. In fact, the soundtrack is the main draw as the songs complements the drama like a glove to a hand. It touches the heart at the right moments.

For once, here are the soundtrack songs:

品冠 - 我以为

丁噹 - 我愛他

丁噹 - 你為什麼說謊

丁噹 - 親人

Up in the Air [2009]

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I still remember the last show that really got me thinking was "Thank you for Smoking" and that show was way back in 2005. What I love about "Thank you for Smoking" was the witty dialogue and the true meaning of life and explanations about choices. These facts are also apparent in this new movie by George Clooney in "Up in the Air".

"Up in the Air" is about George Clooney acting as a Retrenchment expert where companies are too timid to fire their own workers and will hire professionals like him to help them fire their workers. Due to the current US economic situation, more companies are hiring firms with experts like him to carry out their retrenchment activities. For this job, he has to frequently flying around the country to do his work. However, just when he thought is the chance for himself to settle down, thing don't go as what he thinks.

I think the reason I liked this show a lot basically is the same reason I like "Thank you for Smoking". The dialogue's witty, the characters intriguing, but mostly of all, an ability to allow me to think about the issues that were mentioned in the show. I guess somehow or another, we may be able to relate to George's character in the show as well; how we disengage ourselves from the world, how we missed out on family and finally, how we realised how lonely we actually are.

Give it a try, catch it in the movies. I bet it'll worth your movie ticket.