Happy New Year~~

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Just in case I missed the golden timing. Hope all of you had a great 2009 and have a wonderful 2010!~

This is what four of my good friends who will be viewing this live in taipei!~ Argh I so wanna join them!

credits: vincentloy.wordpress.com

The Triumphant General Rouge [2009]

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I got to admit this. I watched this movie purely because Abe Hiroshi and Yuko Takeuchi was in the lineup. And it was a medical movie that's all. What I didn't know is that this movie is actually the sequel to a previous movie "The Glorious Team Batista" and it sort of continue from the previous movie. Especially when at the last part of the movie where there were cameo appearance of a couple of actors that I recognised, then i realised that I missed something out earlier.

Nonetheless, just based on this movie alone, it's pretty entertaining as Takeuchi stars as the Chairman of a Ethics Board in a Hospital with close to zero knowledge. Her character is genuinely adorable as she's like a totally blur queen. Abe Hiroshi comes in as a lawyer that helped her solve a case in the first movie but continues to help her in this second installation.

If you're looking for some serious medical movie thingy, I suggest you give this movie a miss. Because, this movie is frankly speaking, quite light in terms of the depth of the plot. There's no twisting or turning, or betrayal sort of scenes in the movie. What the movie does is actually entertaining its audience through its humor and a simpler plot. And probably that's why I feel it saved the movie somewhat. Go deeper, and the movie may sink; but any shallower the movie will can.

An enjoyable movie to watch, but not for the serious please.

New Albums

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Was expecting Lee Sheng Jie's album to be out soon, but here I am listening to his album already! I got to commend that based on the first 3 songs that I'm listening, at least 2 songs will be on my KTV list! If the quality of the songs is held consistent, this album will be as good as his <痴心绝对手放开> album. I can still remember after that album, he struggled a bit for consistency, which is his k-able songs.

What I didn't expect was Harlem Yu to come out with another album as well! Although it's a compilation + 3 new songs, I don't think it will disappoint much. From the songs he chose for the compilation, the song genre is pretty good. I haven't heard the 3 new songs yet, but I hope it won't disappoint as some of his songs recently is really bad... And this coming from a long fan who has 13 of his albums and counting.

In the meantime, I'm happily listening to Lee Sheng Jie's new album!

2 lines of stain

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I have told my friend once that there is always this drama that I wouldn't attempt to watch it again. Afterall, he had first time witness how i managed to sob throughout the show. But for some compelling reason and by fate, as what the main lead emphatise, I re-watched an old drama. Although I didn't tear like the last time where i literally brawled, I still managed to leave 2 lines of stain beneath my eyes.

Not one litre of tears, but not little as well.


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I always realised that certain solitude is essential, especially for thought. Of course, if you're feeling screwed up, then it's more of wild thoughts. But sometimes, just stepping out of the shell and experiencing solitude, especially in a crowded place, brings on a different perception.

I met up with a buddy this afternoon and to be frank it's a welcome break for me. Although i got to admit my break is long enough, this "break" is essential in breaking the monotone in my life. We met up at a new mall in Orchard road just to check out the shops there. As we met, chat and ate, I realised after all these years, nothing much have changed about it. The usual banter is there, some common likes and of course some common differences. Then at the corner of my mind, suddenly it may not be the case. We have grown older by the second and things still remain the same?

We parted at Borders around 7pm. He was rushing back home due to his insanely heavy laptop while i was trying to finish the latest edition of a computer magazine. Just as I finished reading it, a de javu feeling began to surface: Solitude. Walking along the crowded streets, yet it feels like I'm walking the street alone. I remember a quote from my lecturer that city people are more lonely than you think. In spite of all the communication tools such as msn, facebook and ever connectivity, we may in fact be more lonely than we would expect. All the numbers in the phone may not reflect anything; in the end it's just a number.

2 incidents triggered my post actually. The first was seeing a friend hurriedly exited a shop and to another location in my opposite direction. The second incident was seeing a university senior and her almost 2 years old kid. In both incidents, I didn't call out to them. Instead, I merely stopped my footsteps a little and looked at them. At both instance I let out a tiny smile; merely knowing they're alive and well is enough.

Solitude allows me to view some incidents objectively. But then again, is it objective?

New Layout

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I seldom do two posts in a day but I realised after I posted Shonen Merikensack I decided it's time to do a major revamp on my blog. Afterall, the old blog skin was suitable only for web1.0 and it's like the css templates era now. After consultation with my ever dependent webmaster (haha!), here's the new layout.

As how i like it, nice and simple.

Shonen Merikensack [2009]

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Well it a break from my usual routine of giving my thoughts on Jap drama as this is actually a movie. I managed to get hold of this wacky comedy was just out this year and featuring the irresistibly cute Miyazaki Aoi as the lead.

The show's is about Kanna (Miyazaki Aoi), who on her last day of her contract, saw a clip posted on the web about a punk band and her manager instantly liked them. What's more, the clip the manager posted on their record label website managed to garner 100,000 hits! What's more, the label managed to sell out their tour of Japan! Hence, Kanna has track the band down. However, the big problem was that the clip was actually 25 years ago and the band has been a bunch of old geezers in their 40s and 50s!

It's quite refreshing to see Koichi Sato (if you're wondering who he is, he's the manager in the drama series "Pride") as an old geezer trying to act rock. But the then, isn't this whole show about a bunch of has-been geezers trying to make a comeback based on their 25 year ago clip?

What draws me to the show in the first place is of course the super duper cute Aoi-chan. Looking at one of the scene below, definitely she's a draw.

Another thing about Japanese comedies is that you can be assured of the quality in slapstick humor. Somehow, it's somewhat different from the western or Stephen Chow
slapstick but it's kinna make sense. Oh well, this movie definitely has been rolling.

Give it a try!

Call Center no Koibito

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At last I've completed this series!

Oh the series isn't too bad, but due to the fact that the subbers had delays in the subs that's why it wasn't completed until recently. Nonetheless, I thank the subbers for their hard work to complete the project!

It was an interesting choice for me to choose this serial to watch as it greatly differs from the genre of serial that I'd choose normally. The story talks about an executive who was demoted from the main office to a local call center to handle customer complaints. The story revolves around the happenings around the call center.

I guess it deserves the overall 6.1% kanto rating as it takes a bit of patience to finish this serial. Again, I must emphasize that the serial isn't too bad, but the pace and the storyline is so typical jap style. After watching some much jap dramas over the years, you can deduce a kind of "pattern". Furthermore, with no famous cast in the drama, it lacks the star power to pull viewers in as well. Nonetheless, the storyline is refreshing as dramas seldom focus industries like this.

Not highly recommended, but I wouldn't condemn it as well.

Yoshitaka Yuriko~~~~

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Yuriko-Chan so pretty~~~~~~~

Oh She's in Fall'09 Tokyo Dogs!!! Do catch it! =)

Buzzer Beat

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Ok I got to admit I was a bit lazy with this post. After all, I have completed this drama since early October. But here goes the review.

Sometimes you would think, if there's Kitagawa Keiko, Yamapi, Aibu Saki and Mizobata Junpei in a show, (1)It's a pure idol show (2)the show wouldn't be too bad. Frankly speaking, I was kinna disappointed with the show. Sure, Keiko's acting was pretty good, Seeing Aibu Saki acting as a bad ass lady is pretty refreshing, but Yamapi is totally disappointing in this show. I mean, his acting was alright in Proposal Daisakusen, but in this show he looks absolutely stoned.

Furthermore, although this show has a basketball theme, there's only like one serious basketball game scene in the whole series. Urgh!!! Can't they just insert a few more games? I know the relationships in the show is important, but they looked kinna draggy in a way.

Nice show to follow, but disappoints me in general.

Taiyo to Umi no Kyoshitsu

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I would call this show a story of 2 halves. Seriously, if I didn't watch this show till the end, I'd have panned this serial a long time ago. Okay, I got to admit I started to watch this show due to the fact that Kitagawa Keiko is inside this show and I can't wait for each episode of Buzzer Beat on Monday. I thought this show would be a nice substitute. In the end, she's acting like a bimbo teacher. -_-''' So much for Keiko-chan.

Anyway, the story starts with a high school by a seaside town. As usual, japan's high school is a bit screwed up with emphasis on exams and little of anything else. However, the principal decided to hire a mysterious teacher who thinks differently and whose principles would slowly get into the student's heart and influence them. Sounds like any other high school drama? You're not far off actually.

The reason I said this drama is a story of halves is because the first 5 episodes is TOTALLY different from the last 5 episodes.The first 5 episodes is almost like GTO, with Oda Yuji as the caring teacher doing things that Onizuka-sensei would be proud of: tearing down a signboard, saving a student in distress etc. I mean, if I'd want something like this, I'd rather watch GTO seriously. Then suddenly in episode 5, the story becomes darker, with a student having suicidal thoughts and relationships become testing. You could just sense that somewhere along the way, the production team realizes that the story isn't enticing anyone anymore and they decided to sack the scriptwriter. Because, the last 5 episodes is superb and I felt that it saved the show from being GT0 2.

Surprisingly in this serial, the emphasis on the young cast is pretty strong. Besides, Oda Yuji and Kitagawa Keiko, other familiar faces in the high-school dramas include:
- Okada Masaki(Hana Kimi) as Negishi Hiroki
- Hamada Gaku(Proposal Daisakusen, Taiyou No Uta)
- Yoshitaka Yuriko(Love Shuffle, Ashita no Kita Yoshio)[No-panda @@]
- Tanimura Mitsuki(Mei-chan No Shitsuji, 14 Sai no Haha)
- Yamamoto Yusuke(Hana Kimi)
- Kurose Manami(Hana Kimi)
- Oomasa Aya(Mei-chan No Shitsuji)
- Kutsuna Shiori(Mei-chan No Shitsuji)[No matter how small your role is, you're still visible]

So, looking at the artists i could identify, you could say that high-school dramas are a pretty good way to introduce young actors and actresses into the drama scene, although I kinna sympathizes Hamada Gaku for acting having to act out the loser roles. But hey, at least he got the girl in Proposal Daisakusen(Eikura Nana) and in this serial(Yoshitaka Yuriko, DAMN IT).

And as this drama is a story of 2 halves, I shall give 2 ratings.

1st 5 episodes, 5.1/10
last 5 episodes, 8.5/10 (10 for Yuriko and Gaku!!!)


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It's interesting actually.

Usually I'd give political dramas a miss, because they're usually kind of serious. Not to mention Japan politics is a bit foreign to me. Another interesting thing is that this serial was actually recommended by my sister! For a person who prefer American serial to Japanese ones, now that's really new.

The story basically starts with a politician and his son dying over the skies at Vietnam, and a by-election has to be held in a prefecture in Fukuoka. However, with no suitable candidate to run for the seat, Seiyu party, the main political party, decides to ask the dead politician's second son, Asakura Keita, to run for the seat. With no political experience and zero knowledge, he manages to win the seat by a razor-thin margin. With party secretary Kanbayashi thinking that Asakura is a perfect puppet for him, he pushes him to run for party chairman candidacy when the Prime Minister resigned. However, with his raw experience, Asakura proves his mettle as Prime Minister and Kanbayashi is forced to used other means to force him to resign as prime minister so that he can snatch the top post.

The reason that kept me riveted to the show isn't Takuya Kimura this time, but the storyline itself. For a political drama, this series is surprising refreshing, possibly due to comedy moments peppered into the show. However, what I feel that under this show is the underlying message regarding the current Japan political scenes. Issues like health care, declining childbirth, education reforms etc are all mentioned in the show. If you've watched enough Jap dramas, you'll understand these problems quite well enough. Also, they also highlighted the very problems of the current Japanese bureaucrats and parliamentarians.

Normally I wouldn't comment much of Takuya Kimura as I've always felt he's an accomplished actor, almost guaranteeing viewership success. However, the pairing of Takuya Kimura and Fukatsu Eri is one of my favourite pairngs, since Sora Kara Furu Ichioku no Hoshi.

An excellent drama all around, with a very strong cast and excellent acting all around. 8.5/10 for me.


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I quote this from Eugene Loh from Singapore Radio Station Class 95.0FM. This is one belief that I strongly believe in:



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Looking at the dates, I'm rather surprised I haven't been writing anything in here. Ok, some little updates:

1) Just tried my first time in prawning and for the first time in my life I've touched a live prawn, and twitching off its pincers with my bare fingers. Not a very nice thought and not a nice feeling either.

2) Supposed to run AHM, in the end ended up sick for the past 2 weeks. Just some nigging running nose + cough derived from the nasty sore throat I got just before the race.

3)Been back in school studying a part time diploma, which is very enjoyable but tiring as well.

4)Continue to watch Jap Dramas!

Speaking of which, you may be surprised that the reviews I'm giving is a tad too slow, given that the shows I'm watching is like the last season's shows. However, I believe in watching the full series before introducing to any of my friends.

One of the highlights for last season's show besides "Mr. Brain" should be "Boss". An interesting thing to take note is that for last season, there are AT LEAST 3 detective-themed shows on offer. The three I chose was "Boss", "Mr Brain" and "Hacho". Interestingly, "Hacho" was the longest serial with 15 episodes, which in the prime time drama hour, is quite rare.

Boss has a very strong cast with Amami Yuki as Osawa Eriko, the "Boss" of the team, with Takenouchi Yutaka as Nodate Shinjiro as her superior and a strong supporting cast consisting Toda Erika, Mizobata Junpei and Tamayama Tetsuji. Basically, Osawa was called back from America to set up a special operation branch withing the MPD. The members of this new branch were at first a bunch of misfits with some history behind them, but under the guidance of Osawa, begin to work together as a great team.

As usual, if the story plot is boring and serious, I wouldn't even attempt to start the series because my current taste is something light and easy to absorb. So happens this show fits the bill perfectly. Knowing Amami Yuki from "Topcaster", it would suggest this show will be a good one and I'm not surprised with the production.

If compared to "Love Shuffle", a totally different genre of show, I may say that "Love Shuffle" surprised me with the quality of the storyline. "Boss", on the other hand surprised me with an excellent soundtrack. The starting song and ending song are both sang by the same singer, Superfly. "Alright!!" is a very catchy song while "My Best of my Life" is a slow number. What I liked about Superfly is the power in her voice, which was carried very well in both songs.

Overall rating for the show: 9.5/10.

I couldn't give a rating higher than "Love Shuffle" =/


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Went to play Mahjong with my secondary school buddies just now. Around 2 rounds of fierce fighting, only one winner and one loser. Well, for me, I've just wasted the whole afternoon. HAHA!!!

Anyway this update will be short as well. I do know that quite a number of my friends do watch Jap drama through various online streaming sources. I urge all those to do so not to support sites that upload other fan-subbers' works onto their websites as firstly it steals their efforts in subbing the drama/mv/tv shows for all to enjoy. Secondly, putting these videos online may result in complications for each fansub group. Haven't you notice youtube isn't hosting any japanese mv etc? There got to have a reason for this.

Hence, please do not support these sites! Thanks a lot!


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Another short post... Just realised it's really hard for me to change my blog skin... It's like I have no idea what the scripts are about.... ><

Kawaii Desu~

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Just think that she's really irresistibly cute~~~~

Yoshitaka Yuriko-chan~~~ No panda~ @@

Love Shuffle

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That's the rating I would give for this Show. I've watched Voice, Mei-chan no Shitsuji and Honjitsu mo Hare, Ijo Nashi for season winter'09. Comparing between the 4 serials, Voice could give Love Shuffle a run for their money as the best drama for this season, however, giving the lower 8.1% rating in Japan Kanto region, I think this series is wayyy under-rated as compared to the rest(Although Honjitsu fared worse).

Love Shuffle is about 4 couples who are unhappy with their other half, and one day decided to shuffle their partners around to find that "chemistry", and ultimately decide if their original partner is still the one. Of course, given the controversial theme of exchanging partners, the way the show present it is instead quirky. They have peppered it with lots of humor in between and of course the emotions that ran through each character.

I also wouldn't deny that Tamaki Hiroshi and Matsuda Shota are pretty charming, not to mention the beautiful Karina and the cute Yoshitaka Yuriko, followed by the ever versatile Tanihara Shosuke.

In summary, Love Shuffle is fun yet serious. Definitely worth a watch!

Honjitsu mo Hare. Ijo Nashi

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Looking at the ratings for Honjitsu mo Hare, Ijo Nashi, it seriously doesn't deserve the 8.1% rating. Comparing with other dramas, this one definitely will not appeal to all due to the islander theme, but it can really shine is about the simple life on an island in the south, the heart-warming stories unfolded in the drama, the regrets of life and the salvation as well. In general, it's all about life lessons.

Another reason this drama may not appeal to the younger crowd is that the ending song for this drama is "Negai" by Akikawa Masafumi. Akikkawa Masafumi is actually a Japanese tenor singer, thus his portrayal of the song is more like opera rather than a j-pop song.

Nonetheless, do give this serial a try. Slow, but ultimately, it's an enjoyable serial as well.


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The beautiful thing about Jap dramas is that they can compress one storyline into one episode so that every episode has a different theme and it's so much more compact and to the point compared with Chinese or Korean dramas, which I personally feel it's wayyy to draggy.

Of course, not all Jap dramas I do like, for example "Last Friends", which I feel that the storyline is too dark for my liking, hence definitely not a drama to finish it at one go.

Voice, on the other hand, is definitely one drama you can finish it on the go. The story talks about 5 university students who enters the forensic science department for a semester and the incidents they go through. Daiki, the main lead acted out by Eita, has the uncanny ability to listen to the dead person's "voice", to help answer the very reason for their deaths and to convey the message to the family. Of course, I don't mean he has a special ability, but a clear mind to piece together the various clues provided and in the end, solve the puzzle and message behind those pieces.

I wouldn't say Voice is a strong drama, given a very strong cast (Yada Akiko makes a comeback!). The story is much more light-hearted and surprisingly, no gory scenes, as compared to their medical drama. I supposed people still can't accept the images of death yet, afterall this drama is aired during prime time period. I wouldn't say I was disappointed with the final product, but neither am I wow-ed by it.

Still, with the cast, it's definitely worth a watch.

A little Update

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Just some updates regarding a not-so eventful life:

- Completed Adidas sundown 10k run in a super wols timing. Running w/o training clearly tells you what your bottom line limit. If you hit that time, you know that's worst you can get. Hmmm......

- Did an even crazier thing: I went to sign up for AHM 21k run. For those who has added me in fb, I did mention in a note that I hope to complete at least one 21k. Now if you ask, finishing a race is never a problem unless injury strikes. It's HOW LONG you take to finish the race.

- I'm going to be jobless come next Monday. Anyone care to intro me a job?

Nothing Much

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Nothing much to put in here recently, or at least I think it's not worth putting it in here.

Nonetheless, found something that I wanna share. I recommend you to listen to 曹格(Gary Cao)'s newest single 寂寞先生(Mr. Lonely). His vocals in this song is simple awesome. I can forsee all the chickens being slaughtered in the KTV room.

Mei-Chan no Shitsuji

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For the first time in months, I've actually completed a jap drama in a day! Haha... reminds me of the former days during my exam period where I could complete like 2-3 dramas in one full day at one shot! The only exception is Last Friends, which as much as I'd like to complete it, the drama's is just a bit weee dark. Lesbianism, Incest, Loneliness, Domestic Violence all rolled into one drama. eekz

Anway, the serial I completed yesterday is Mei-Chan no Shitsuji, or Mei-chan's Butler.

Adapted from a manga,

The story revolves around a young woman named Mei, who was rescued as a young girl by someone calling himself her "butler." With only a vague memory, though, the experience seems like just a dream. But one day, after her parents' accidental death, he appears: Rihito comes from a line of outstanding butlers, and he has been appointed to serve her! Now her ordinary life has completely flipped, as she discovers that she's actually the heiress to a fortune, and is forced to transfer to St. Lucia Girls' Academy, where all the students have butlers! As a result, her childhood friend Kento decides to enroll in a butler school so that he can stay close to her. Source-Tokyograph

As cheesy as it sounds, I was looking for something light to watch, thus the show fits my criteria perfectly. However, looking at the photo.. it somehow reminds me Hana Kimi....

Oh well, who cares. I liked the show anyway~

It's all worth it

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What job in the world fits this description:

- Starts the day at 5am in the morning and willingly ends at 2am?
- Experience all the weather conditions in Singapore (Thunderstorm, drizzle, sun rain, cloudy day, SUNNY day) in one day?
- Attire for the day is shirt + tie + pants + gleaming leather shoes yet sweat in midday sun?
- eats a nice array of cocktails for breakfast at 7am?
- drives around Singapore with a purpose?
- backroom staff to prepare for an important night?

Tiring, but nonetheless meaningful. Even my dad commented that I've never been this anxious before. Trim nails, cut hair, no facial hair sticking out, shirt and pants are ironed, shoes is gleaming till you can smile in it.

Yups, that's being my friend's "brother" for his wedding night. TIring but thoroughly enjoyable =)


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I'm amazed.

For 2 consecutive days, I didn't touch any of the maplestory, football manager 2009 or PES 2009. I think that can be put into the jkai's book of records.

I'm amazed.

Without gaming, I've realised what I could do with the time. Read a book, surf the net more, catch up on movies I've obtained, gossiping and reading other people's blog etc. Basically, can do lotsa stuff with the time allocated out.

I'm amazed.

Ok, I'm not amazed with this but once again, only after something is gone, then you start to realise that you miss the presence. I miss my friend who flew back today. If you're reading this, YEAH I MISSED YOU! It's funny actually, something when they're away for some time, I won't miss him/her, but for others, you'd actually think of them every now and then. It's just basic human instinct I guess. Or maybe a thought has already been ingrained in me, telling me you won't be around for a considerable amount of time.

I'm not amazed.

The week is ending, yet the shyt at work is just as much. As much as I wanna rant, I shall not. Maybe the next sentence will summarize how bad the week has been:


If you can decipher that, then congrats to you.

yea, it's that bad


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Ok I admit. I'm in love with my PC. Seriously, after 6 years with a Pentium IV coupled with a GeForce4 graphics card + 512mb, it's hard not to fall in love with my current setup. I mean, the speed's really like flying (ok, not exactly to you, but compared to a 6 year old PC, DEFINITELY). Most importantly, I bought a new monitor, something that looks like this:

I mean, all my life the biggest monitor in front of me is a cool 15" monitor. And to jump 6.1" + a wide screen to boot is really.... WOOHOO!!!

Alright. So much about monitors. They're like the norm now but it's precisely because of my new monitor that I'm infatuated with apple wallpapers. Call me duhz but really, there're some really cool designs!

My Current Wallpaper:

I love XP, but these wallpapers are simply irresistible!!

Credits: http://www.usingmac.com/2008/6/8/90-more-apple-wallpapers

4th of May

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It is interesting actually. I was searching for some pictures that would suit my mood right now and instead I went searching for more high res desktop shots at my fave site again.

you can access it right here.

One of my fave shots got to be this one:

Oh by the way, if you didn't know, that is Taipei. Sometimes it's really amazing how a bloody 2k cam can make such a bloody difference. Nonetheless, Taipei is still one of my favorite cities, as that is IF the air isn't that bloody dusty during the summer and the weather ain't that freaking hot during those months as well. It reminds me of Kuala Lumpur: messy and organised at the same time.

I still remembered the first time I walked up onto Taipei 101, the first impression I had of Taipei was: It's like KL. I mean, the cityscape is messy, the street are filled to the brim with traffic and most importantly, it's dusty. Haaz.

Back to my mood for the day. All I could think of right now is my bed that is beckoning me to lie on it. The past week was a blur and busy like hell, and this week's ain't any different. I could forsee the busy days I'm having before the wedding weekend which I'm supposed to be the "brother". Seriously, I think the most I'll dunk in is the concoction that the sisters will be preparing. Liquor-wise? I think dumping into a barrel would be a better option. heh.

A good friend of mine is leaving back to her home country this coming Thursday. I've yet to feel anything YET, but I think I'll miss her. Afterall, she is here for the past year and we've spend some really great time together with the bunch of friends. Will always remember her infectious energy that seems to rub on me whenever we're around.

I think I should also explain the reason why I deleted the whole lot of posts I've made for the past two years. I remember I said that this place is for me to rant and to comment on stuff that I may not have done so in person. Nonetheless, the blogosphere is a public space and I will also need to restrain myself. But all these have nothing to do with the deletion of the past post. Instead, when I started to re-read my past posts, I've come to the conclusion that leaving those posts around does not serve any purpose. As I thought I could learn what I couldn't two years back, I realised that probably, I didn't learn anything at all. In conclusion, I do not need to leave those posts lying around.

Last but not the least(hopefully), just wanna intro to you a song that stuck on me for quite some time. Just found the lyrics to be very meaningful.