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I'm amazed.

For 2 consecutive days, I didn't touch any of the maplestory, football manager 2009 or PES 2009. I think that can be put into the jkai's book of records.

I'm amazed.

Without gaming, I've realised what I could do with the time. Read a book, surf the net more, catch up on movies I've obtained, gossiping and reading other people's blog etc. Basically, can do lotsa stuff with the time allocated out.

I'm amazed.

Ok, I'm not amazed with this but once again, only after something is gone, then you start to realise that you miss the presence. I miss my friend who flew back today. If you're reading this, YEAH I MISSED YOU! It's funny actually, something when they're away for some time, I won't miss him/her, but for others, you'd actually think of them every now and then. It's just basic human instinct I guess. Or maybe a thought has already been ingrained in me, telling me you won't be around for a considerable amount of time.

I'm not amazed.

The week is ending, yet the shyt at work is just as much. As much as I wanna rant, I shall not. Maybe the next sentence will summarize how bad the week has been:


If you can decipher that, then congrats to you.

yea, it's that bad