4th of May

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It is interesting actually. I was searching for some pictures that would suit my mood right now and instead I went searching for more high res desktop shots at my fave site again.

you can access it right here.

One of my fave shots got to be this one:

Oh by the way, if you didn't know, that is Taipei. Sometimes it's really amazing how a bloody 2k cam can make such a bloody difference. Nonetheless, Taipei is still one of my favorite cities, as that is IF the air isn't that bloody dusty during the summer and the weather ain't that freaking hot during those months as well. It reminds me of Kuala Lumpur: messy and organised at the same time.

I still remembered the first time I walked up onto Taipei 101, the first impression I had of Taipei was: It's like KL. I mean, the cityscape is messy, the street are filled to the brim with traffic and most importantly, it's dusty. Haaz.

Back to my mood for the day. All I could think of right now is my bed that is beckoning me to lie on it. The past week was a blur and busy like hell, and this week's ain't any different. I could forsee the busy days I'm having before the wedding weekend which I'm supposed to be the "brother". Seriously, I think the most I'll dunk in is the concoction that the sisters will be preparing. Liquor-wise? I think dumping into a barrel would be a better option. heh.

A good friend of mine is leaving back to her home country this coming Thursday. I've yet to feel anything YET, but I think I'll miss her. Afterall, she is here for the past year and we've spend some really great time together with the bunch of friends. Will always remember her infectious energy that seems to rub on me whenever we're around.

I think I should also explain the reason why I deleted the whole lot of posts I've made for the past two years. I remember I said that this place is for me to rant and to comment on stuff that I may not have done so in person. Nonetheless, the blogosphere is a public space and I will also need to restrain myself. But all these have nothing to do with the deletion of the past post. Instead, when I started to re-read my past posts, I've come to the conclusion that leaving those posts around does not serve any purpose. As I thought I could learn what I couldn't two years back, I realised that probably, I didn't learn anything at all. In conclusion, I do not need to leave those posts lying around.

Last but not the least(hopefully), just wanna intro to you a song that stuck on me for quite some time. Just found the lyrics to be very meaningful.