The Fear of Lonliness

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The very reason of why Facebook, Twitter, Plurk etc has became so ingrained into our society. And the very phrase i can relate to: "One can be among people, and still feel lonely".

Credits: Eugene Loh & Mediacorp

Team Batista no Eiko

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I believe some readers will find this post slightly amusing as this show is clearly not last season's offering. However, as this season is showing season 2 of Team Batista, I thought there a need to watch the first season to know what the story back then.

If you find the title familiar, that's because there's a movie version of the same title. It was acted by Takeuchi Yuko and Abe Hiroshi where Yuko was the female version of Taguchi-sensei in charge of investigating the allegations while Hiroshi is the government official assisting Taguichi-sensei in solving the mystery.

Taguchi-sensei is in charge of the psychosomatic medicine department, where basically his job is to listen to the complaints of the hospital patient. The hospital is also famous for its Batista surgery, which is one of the more difficult t cardiac surgeries. Prior to the mystery, the team has 27 consecutive successive surgeries, which is considered as an amazing achievement. However, after the 27 surgeries, 3 consecutive patients have died in succession on the operating table, and the chief is concerned with the deaths. Hence, Tanguchi-sensei is assigned to find out the root of the problem. Shiratori-san, the Ministry official believes that these 3 deaths are murder by of the team members and is determined to find out who it is.

The problem with dramas having a movie of the same title is that people are bound to make comparisons and this drama is no exception. I do have to admit that Yuko and Hiroshi makes a good team but for this instance, the leads acted by Ito Atsushi and Nakamura Toru is no flash in the pan either. Both of them had put up very credible performance in the show. However, what I felt was a let down was the drama tried to drag the story too much by adding a few more sub plots into the story. Generally, the movie version seems to triumph in this aspect as the whole storyline focus on one outcome while the drama version was dragging its storyline, seemingly to fulfill its episode requirement.

However, given the fact that the original storyline remained, the drama is still a very much enjoyable show and these drama shows actually shows the prowess of japanese dramas for its medical drama. A good show to catch and I thought it'll be good to catch this show first before watching Team Batista season 2.

Apologies + Code Blue 2

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A few apologies for a lack of posts for close to a month. Not that I have not stopped watching my fave japanese dramas, but it's just that whether it's worth to give a mention about it.

For short, managed to finish Code Blue 2 once I managed to wait for the english subbed version to be released. A bit surprised with the ending of the show, but from the looks of it, with the ending that it portray, there may be a high chance that there will not be a sequel for the show. It has managed to close several incidents that was left hanging in the first season, but I won't be surprised if a third season or a movie version is coming up. After all, the drama has been popular for both its series and the SP that was aired prior to season 2.

To be frank, a lot has been commented on the net that season 1 seems to be better, but i think season 2's aim is to look at the thoughts of each character. Also, with impending death of one character early on in the series, the mood is somewhat somber. However, that should not be the case for criticism as the show needs to address that and how each character matured from it.

Overall, a good drama, but with all the niggling small issues with the show, it did spoil the overall entertainment value. Nonetheless, still the best drama of the season.