Song Ji Eun (Secret) - Going Crazy 미친거니 (fea. Bang Yong Kook)

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As I listened to more and more Korean songs, I can't help but feel that Chinese songs are getting more and more repetitive, in terms of rhythm or lyrics. While Chinese songs feature more of ballads and songs about love, Korean songs are more about beats and the lyrics are diverse in genres. A good example is 4minute's HuH, and this song "Going Crazy" by Song Ji Eun.

Ji Eun is from Girl Group "Secret" under TS Entertainment. With the recent success of their newest single "Shy Boy", Ji Eun changed her image for her own album "Going Crazy". "Going Crazy" talks about a girl who is being stalked by a stalker who follows her every move and basically freaks her out. The song is backed by TS trainee Bang Yong Kook, whose husky voice belied his young age. Even though Bang is a trainee, he has extensive experience in the underground scene.

Check out this alternative MV especially for KBS Music Bank.


sarangi anya igeon sarangi anya neoui jipchagil ppuniya
eodi itdeunji naega mueol hadeunji museowo nareul baraboneun neon

neoui geurimjareul ttara barpda nan jeonhwareul georeo
ne tteollineun sumsorie jjaritaejyeobeoryeo
ppallajineun ne balgeoreum ttara ttwineun nae simjang
michil geotman gata eoduwojineun gin bam
neoui jip ap bul kkeojin garodeung miteseo
neoreul bonda ne bang chang mun teumeseo
bami kkeutnal ttaekkaji nal chajabwa
eoseo nawa sum makhineun sumbakkokjireul gyesokhae
neon jeoldae naegeseo tteoreojil su eobseo

michingeoni wae geureoni ije geuman na jom naebeoryeodwo
nega boyeo sumi makhyeo nae nun apeseo jom sarajyeojwo

neon nal jeoldae beoseonal su eobseo neon nal sarang hal subakke eobseo
도망쳐봐 (I don’t wanna see you)
domangchyeobwa (I don‘t wanna see you)
nega eodie itdeunji nan bol su isseuni neol alji gipsugi
neon nal jeoldae beoseonal su eobseo neon nal sarang hal subakke eobseo
이제날봐 (I Don’t Wanna Cry No More more)
ije nal bwa (I Don‘t Wanna Cry No More more)
I Don‘t Wanna Cry No More more

sarajyeo beoryeo geuman jom kkeojyeo beoryeo jeongmal sumdo mot swigesseo
eodil gadeunji naega eodi itdeunji museowo nareul ttaraoneun neo

subaek beonigo suman beonigo
jeonhwareul georeonneunde wae wae neon daedabi eobseo
잊었니? 우리만난지벌써천일이됐어
ijeonni? uri mannan ji beolsseo cheoniri dwaesseo
nega johahaneun seonmureul junbihaesseo
nega jaju ganeun georie anja
neol gidarigo isseo nae sarangeul ara?
jipchagira malhaji ma sarangeul molla neon
michyeotdago malhaji ma nae mameul molla
neon jeoldae naegeseo tteoreojil su eobseo

michingeoni wae geureoni ije geuman na jom naebeoryeodwo
nega boyeo sumi makhyeo nae nun apeseo jom sarajyeojwo

neodo nal wonhajanha nareul saranghajanha nareul domangchiji ma

heossori jom jibeo chiwo jeongsin charyeo geuman jom hae ije nareul nohajwo
이건아냐사랑이아니야 (아니야)
igeon anya sarangi aniya (aniya)
내게상처뿐이야이러지마 (넌이러지마)
naege sangcheoppuniya ireojima (neon ireojima)
neol sarang haetjiman ijeneun aniya neoui gieogeseo nal ijeojwo
I Don‘t Wanna Cry No More

credits: geniskencur@friendster

Gaikoukan Kuroda Kousaku [2011 Winter]

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Judging from the past few posts, I bet anyone has realised that I have not been watching nor reviewing any Japanese dramas. I'm glad to say I've managed to finish just one of the many j-dramas lying around in my storage and hence providing my review on it!

Gaikoukan Kuroda Kousaku or Diplomat Kuroda Kousaku is the sequel of the movie Amalfi, which was produced in conjunction with the 50th anniversary of Fuji TV. Kuroda Kousaku is a Japanese diplomat working overseas in the Central Americas Bureau. The story starts in Mexico where an incident 11 years ago caused the death of his friend's wife, and Kuroda feels remorse for not protecting her. However, when the friend Shimomura came to meet him in San Francisco and subsequently committed suicide, it left Kuroda with a lot of question marks. Kuroda's suspicions increased when he spotted someone who looked uncanny like Shimomura at the airport after the incident. Kuroda decides to fly back to Japan to uncover the mysteries.

If I were to say Amalfi is well written, then I would comment that the scriptwriter for Gaikousan Kuroda Kousaku is excellent. From the first episode, the story is instantly grabs your attention and by the time i watched the second episode, I was left wanting to know more. Japan has excellent authors for thrillers, and this is no different. The story is well panned out over 10 episodes, and each episode will let you to have something to think about before watching the next episode. Oda Yuji as usual gave a solid performance as Kuroda while Shibasaki Kou, who acts as his partner detective Ogaki Rikako, puts in a confident performance. An added bonus to the show is the appearance of Lee Byung Hun, who is Kuroda's childhood friend and US informant. His lines were delivered purely in English and I must say his English is pretty good.

An excellent detective thriller as expected and if you have the time, you must catch it! A pity though, that the average rating for this drama is only 10.4%.

The Man From Nowhere / Ahjussi 아저씨 [2010]

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I don't usually watch Korean movies for the same reasons as to why I do not watch Korean dramas that last more than 20 episodes. However, recently on a trip to my local cinema, a trailer caught my eye. I thought the actor looked familiar and he no other than Won Bin. And to think Won Bin starred in an action film, got me interested to watch this movie, Ahjussi or internationally known as The Man From Nowhere.

An ex-special agent CHA Tae-shik's only connection to the rest of the world is a little girl, So-mi, who lives nearby. Her mother, Hyo-jeong smuggles drugs from a drug trafficking organization and entrusts Tae-shik with the product, without letting him know. The traffickers find out about her smuggling and kidnap both Hyo-jeong and So-mi. The gang promises to release them if Tae-shik makes a delivery for them, however it actually is a larger plot to eliminate a rival drug ring leader. When Hyo-jeon's disembowelled body is discovered, Tae-shik realizes that So-mi's life may also be in danger. Tae-shik becomes enraged at the prospect that So-mi may already be dead and prepares for a battle, putting his own life at risk.
credits: Yahoo! movies Singapore

I'd say that the movie's plot is pretty straightforward being an action film. You shouldn't expect any surprises in the show, but I thought the show started a tad slow. The only time when the movie really picked up is already past the 20 minute mark, enough time for me to make a few yawns. However, beyond that, the action is superb and the fighting scenes are very choreographed and precised. In Singapore, the local censor board has given an NC-16 rating, meaning people below the age of 16 are not allowed to view the movie. I could understand the reason as there are a few disturbing scenes as well as the realistic portrayal of blood spurting out of wounds. And I have yet to mention the bone breaking scenes during the fist fights.

Having said that, this is definitely a man's movie and the ladies would watch swooning about Won Bin's looks and his incredible physic. However, I don't the ladies would love the violent scenes unless they're a fan of it as well. A special mention has to be given to the little girl who acted as So-mi. Kim Se Ron is really natural in the role and she gave a very matured performance for a child. It is not surprising that she won the Best Newcomer Award at the 2010 Korean Film Awards.

The movie has already opened in cinemas in Singapore.

Japan Disaster

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Seeing the disaster pics coming from the 8.9 Magnitude earthquake that struck Japan is saddening enough.

However, seeing these comments coming from some people really makes one's heart boil with anger. Why can't people just spare a thought for those who are experiencing hardship due to mother nature?

Please. Just spare a thought for others. I ask no more.

A Chinese victim who experienced the tsunami clearly stated what humanity should be all about.

The Girl Who Leapt Thru Time (Toki o Kakeru Shojo) [2010]

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At last I've decided to finish a movie that I've put it aside for so long! Actually, I was actually looking forward to this movie due to the excellent soundtrack by Ikimonogakari, who provide both the starting and ending theme for the movie.

Toki O Kakeru Shojo is actually not a new story and there are various versions to this story. Just before this version, there is also an animated version which was launched in 2006. In the live version, Naka Riisa is the female lead Yoshimaya Akari who went back into time to help fulfill a wish that her mother had asked her to fulfill on her behalf. Back in time, she met Mizorogi Ryouta (Nakao Akiyoshi), an up and coming film director, who helped her along the way.

Toki is the typical time traveling movie where the character will go back in time, attempts to change history along the way and falling in love. However, one thing Toki definitely doesn't try to explain is the settings for the 1970s, as well as the difference in the people etc. In fact, it tries to keep these thing minimal so that the audience can focus on the main story itself. I do have to say the storyline seems a bit weak throughout and since it's fiction, there are some parts of the story that you may find it unbelievable or amusing at best. Hence, if you're heavy on details, do give Toki a miss, because that's what you aren't getting.

Instead, what you're getting is good acting from the main lead. Although Naka Riisa is young, she is very mature in her acting and her acting credibility stems from the variety of roles she has already attempted. Nakao Akiyoshi is also experienced since he started off as a child actor and has been acting since then. However, because of the fact that I've seen his dramas and movies through the years, this movie does not help him to shake off the schoolboy image even though his role is an up and coming film director.

Nonetheless, Toki o Kakeru Shojo is an enjoyable film to watch. And oh, I must share the soundtrack as well as they are excellent songs by Ikimonogakari.