My Princess / 마이 프린세스 [2011]

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I've just realized I've not been updating my blog for a very very long time. With the lunar new year passing by and all the feasting on new year goodies, adding the fact that my interest in J-Dramas suddenly dipped to new lows, the amount I'm reviewing or the amount of dramas I'm watching has greatly reduced. Instead, I'm watching more Korean stuff and watching more Korean variety programs which is really very interesting.

One of the dramas I've just completed watching is My Princess starring Kim Tae Hee as Lee Seol and Song Seung Hun as Park Hae Young, heir apparent of Dae Han Group and a diplomat for the government. Lee Seol is an orphan who was separated from her father when young due to her father's accident. What she didn't know was that her father is actually a crown prince who lived a life of running away from enemies. When Lee Seol was identified as the princess, Hae Young was shocked to find out that his grandfather is donating his entire estate to aid the formation of the monarchy. As he was charged to teach Lee Seol the proper etiquette of being a princess, he finds himself drawing closer to her. Yet, his heart is torn to the fact that he is about to lose his inheritance to her once the country vote for the formation of the monarchy.

I really liked the cast for this drama as Song Seung Hun, who rose to fame in Autumn in my Heart years back, is really a hunk. Kim Tae Hee, who is already in her 30s but looked really fresh in the drama. The main cast is also well supported with the likes of Park Ye Jin, who is Oh Yun Ju, the executive director of the monarchy foundation but opposed Lee Seol from being the princess; and Ryu Soo Young, who is Nam Jung Woo, a university professor specializing in Korean history who loves Yun Ju and is keen for monarchy to be formed.

Even though the cast is strong, I do feel that the script is a bit weak, especially at the end of the drama. 16 episodes for this drama is just about right, but I do feel that the ending is a bit rushed, with the last episode trying wrap the relationships between the cast members. The role of Park Hae Young's father, which is pivotal in the drama, isn't well developed at all in the drama and I thought it was disappointing aspect. But with romance as the main theme of the drama, Kim Tae Hee and Song Seung Hun doesn't disappoint. The chemistry between them is natural and Kim Tae Hee is extremely lovable in the drama. After all, this is what we should expect between 2 established artists.