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Another short post... Just realised it's really hard for me to change my blog skin... It's like I have no idea what the scripts are about.... ><

Kawaii Desu~

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Just think that she's really irresistibly cute~~~~

Yoshitaka Yuriko-chan~~~ No panda~ @@

Love Shuffle

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That's the rating I would give for this Show. I've watched Voice, Mei-chan no Shitsuji and Honjitsu mo Hare, Ijo Nashi for season winter'09. Comparing between the 4 serials, Voice could give Love Shuffle a run for their money as the best drama for this season, however, giving the lower 8.1% rating in Japan Kanto region, I think this series is wayyy under-rated as compared to the rest(Although Honjitsu fared worse).

Love Shuffle is about 4 couples who are unhappy with their other half, and one day decided to shuffle their partners around to find that "chemistry", and ultimately decide if their original partner is still the one. Of course, given the controversial theme of exchanging partners, the way the show present it is instead quirky. They have peppered it with lots of humor in between and of course the emotions that ran through each character.

I also wouldn't deny that Tamaki Hiroshi and Matsuda Shota are pretty charming, not to mention the beautiful Karina and the cute Yoshitaka Yuriko, followed by the ever versatile Tanihara Shosuke.

In summary, Love Shuffle is fun yet serious. Definitely worth a watch!

Honjitsu mo Hare. Ijo Nashi

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Looking at the ratings for Honjitsu mo Hare, Ijo Nashi, it seriously doesn't deserve the 8.1% rating. Comparing with other dramas, this one definitely will not appeal to all due to the islander theme, but it can really shine is about the simple life on an island in the south, the heart-warming stories unfolded in the drama, the regrets of life and the salvation as well. In general, it's all about life lessons.

Another reason this drama may not appeal to the younger crowd is that the ending song for this drama is "Negai" by Akikawa Masafumi. Akikkawa Masafumi is actually a Japanese tenor singer, thus his portrayal of the song is more like opera rather than a j-pop song.

Nonetheless, do give this serial a try. Slow, but ultimately, it's an enjoyable serial as well.


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The beautiful thing about Jap dramas is that they can compress one storyline into one episode so that every episode has a different theme and it's so much more compact and to the point compared with Chinese or Korean dramas, which I personally feel it's wayyy to draggy.

Of course, not all Jap dramas I do like, for example "Last Friends", which I feel that the storyline is too dark for my liking, hence definitely not a drama to finish it at one go.

Voice, on the other hand, is definitely one drama you can finish it on the go. The story talks about 5 university students who enters the forensic science department for a semester and the incidents they go through. Daiki, the main lead acted out by Eita, has the uncanny ability to listen to the dead person's "voice", to help answer the very reason for their deaths and to convey the message to the family. Of course, I don't mean he has a special ability, but a clear mind to piece together the various clues provided and in the end, solve the puzzle and message behind those pieces.

I wouldn't say Voice is a strong drama, given a very strong cast (Yada Akiko makes a comeback!). The story is much more light-hearted and surprisingly, no gory scenes, as compared to their medical drama. I supposed people still can't accept the images of death yet, afterall this drama is aired during prime time period. I wouldn't say I was disappointed with the final product, but neither am I wow-ed by it.

Still, with the cast, it's definitely worth a watch.

A little Update

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Just some updates regarding a not-so eventful life:

- Completed Adidas sundown 10k run in a super wols timing. Running w/o training clearly tells you what your bottom line limit. If you hit that time, you know that's worst you can get. Hmmm......

- Did an even crazier thing: I went to sign up for AHM 21k run. For those who has added me in fb, I did mention in a note that I hope to complete at least one 21k. Now if you ask, finishing a race is never a problem unless injury strikes. It's HOW LONG you take to finish the race.

- I'm going to be jobless come next Monday. Anyone care to intro me a job?