Honjitsu mo Hare. Ijo Nashi

Posted by :: sixtwentyseven :: | Posted in | Posted on Thursday, June 25, 2009

Looking at the ratings for Honjitsu mo Hare, Ijo Nashi, it seriously doesn't deserve the 8.1% rating. Comparing with other dramas, this one definitely will not appeal to all due to the islander theme, but it can really shine is about the simple life on an island in the south, the heart-warming stories unfolded in the drama, the regrets of life and the salvation as well. In general, it's all about life lessons.

Another reason this drama may not appeal to the younger crowd is that the ending song for this drama is "Negai" by Akikawa Masafumi. Akikkawa Masafumi is actually a Japanese tenor singer, thus his portrayal of the song is more like opera rather than a j-pop song.

Nonetheless, do give this serial a try. Slow, but ultimately, it's an enjoyable serial as well.