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The beautiful thing about Jap dramas is that they can compress one storyline into one episode so that every episode has a different theme and it's so much more compact and to the point compared with Chinese or Korean dramas, which I personally feel it's wayyy to draggy.

Of course, not all Jap dramas I do like, for example "Last Friends", which I feel that the storyline is too dark for my liking, hence definitely not a drama to finish it at one go.

Voice, on the other hand, is definitely one drama you can finish it on the go. The story talks about 5 university students who enters the forensic science department for a semester and the incidents they go through. Daiki, the main lead acted out by Eita, has the uncanny ability to listen to the dead person's "voice", to help answer the very reason for their deaths and to convey the message to the family. Of course, I don't mean he has a special ability, but a clear mind to piece together the various clues provided and in the end, solve the puzzle and message behind those pieces.

I wouldn't say Voice is a strong drama, given a very strong cast (Yada Akiko makes a comeback!). The story is much more light-hearted and surprisingly, no gory scenes, as compared to their medical drama. I supposed people still can't accept the images of death yet, afterall this drama is aired during prime time period. I wouldn't say I was disappointed with the final product, but neither am I wow-ed by it.

Still, with the cast, it's definitely worth a watch.