The Greatest Love / 최고의 사랑 [2011]

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As I've mentioned in my previous post, the review for The Greatest Love will be out asap, and since I've just finished the drama, I thought I should review it while my memory is fresh.

Gu Ae Jeong (Gong Hyo Jin) was formerly a member of a 4-member girl group National Treasure Girls who had a hit single and was top of their peak. However, they broke up 10 years ago and Ae Jeong, who was the leader of the group, took most of the blame. Although she was an honest artiste, due to her past controversies, she was struggling in the entertainment business. Dok Go Jin (Cha Seung Won) on the other hand is a top star in the country and adored by many. He has a top star girlfriend Kan Se Ri (Yoo In Na), who was coincidentally a former member of National Treasure Girls as well but has a grudge against Ae Jeong. Gu Ae Jeong's life began to change when she met Dok Go Jin in bizarre circumstances. As Dok Go Jin began to get more involved with Gu Ae Jeong, his feelings for her began to develop. Yoon Kye Sang stars as Yoon Pil Joo, who falls for Ae Jeong and agreed to star in a couple making variety show because Gu Ae Jeong is in it.

Well, I guess you can clearly say that I love this drama to bits since I'm rather prompt in the review as well as introducing the soundtrack first before the drama review is even out. The Greatest Love does impress me on some points.

Gong Hyo Jin is an unfamiliar actress to me as this is the first drama I've watched that has her in it. A more interesting note I feel is that although Gong Hyo Jin is fresh looking, if you want to compare the practicality of dramas, especially with Yoo In Na as the 2nd female lead, Gong Hyo Jin does seem like a surprise choice for a lead drama. However, after watching the drama, I began to understand the casting reasoning. Gu Ae Jeong is a character who has undergone hardship in her work. Yet, she always takes it head on and honestly works her way in the entertainment industry. As such, having a too outstanding actress for this role may be a little appropriate.

Cha Seung Won on the other hand is not so unfamiliar to me as I've seen his uber cool character in Athena: Goddess of War. However, this is the first time acting in a comedic character and honestly, he almost made me choke on my water with his antics in the show.

Overall, the drama really surprised me. In a way, I wasn't expecting much from the drama but hell did it entertain me. I was laughing in practically every episode and the drama is well written. The drama does not rush with its plot and I thought each character in the show is given ample areas to develop in the show. Checking online, I found out out that the scriptwriters for this drama is the same as My Girlfriend is a Gumiho. No wonder I enjoyed the drama this much.

And oh, the songs in the drama is very well inserted in the scenes and hence created the desired effect for the scene. Besides G.Na's "Because You Are My Man", the other song frequently featured is definitely National Treasure Girl's "Du Geun Du Geun", or "Thump Thump" in English, signifying the sound of our heart beat. The original singers of the song is Sunny Hill and taking this opportunity, I should highlight the extreme contrast of the OST song and the single Sunny Hill is currently promoting.

Do note that the girls in Du Geun Du Geun are not Sunny Hill but the actresses in The Greatest Love.


Do watch this show as I would put it as a high priority drama to watch!

G.Na - Because You're My Man / 내 사람이라서 (Nae Sarangiraseo)

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Recently, I'm watching a new Korean Drama called "The Greatest Love" (and I assure you the review of this drama is definitely coming up next!) and I just thought this song by G.Na is just so nice.

The feeling I get from this song is the same when I heard Baek Ji Young's "That Man" in Secret Garden. I just thought the lyrics suited the plot to a T.

So without ado, I present to you the 2nd main song for one of the hottest drama for this summer.


내 눈에 뭐가 들어 갔나봐, 그래서 자꾸 눈물이 나나봐
Nae nune mweoga deureo gannabwa, Geuraeseo jakku nunmuri nanabwa
가슴한쪽에 꼭 숨겨두었던, 어떤 한 사람 눈치 없게 또 눈물이 데려와
Gaseumhan jjoge kkok sumgyeodo eotteon, Eotteon han saram nunchi eopge tto nunmuri deryeowa

들을 수 없어도, 내 맘 듣지 못해도
Deureul su eopseodo, Nae man deutji mothaedo
내 눈물이 전하는 사랑, 언젠가는 들어 주겠니
Nae nunmuri jeonhaneun sarang, Eonjenganeun deureo jugenni

내 사람이라서 내 사랑이라서
Nae saramiraseo nae saramiraseo
보내고 보내도 아직 너는 남아 날 울려
Bonaego bonaedo ajik neoneun nama nal ullyeo
내 사람이라서 아직도 난 니가 그래서
Nae saramiraseo ajikdo nan niga geuraeseo
이 못난 눈물을 멈출 수가 없어
I motnan nunmureul meonchul suga eopseo

내 가슴소리 들리지 않나봐
Nae gaseumsori deulliji anhnabwa
멍청한 눈물 흐를까봐 또 억지로 참아봐
Meongcheonghan nunmul heureulkkabwa tto eonjero chamabwa

왜 듣지 못하니, 왜 날 보지 못하니
Wae deulji mothani, Wae nal boji mothani
뒤돌아봐 내가 있잖아, 사랑한단 말이야 바보야
Dwidorabwa naega itjanha, Saranghandan mariya baboya

내 사람이라서 내 사랑이라서
Nae saramiraseo nae saramiraseo
보내고 보내도 아직 너는 남아 날 울려
Bonaego bonaedo ajik neoneun nama nal ullyeo
내 사람이라서 아직도 난 니가 그래서
Nae saramiraseo ajikdo nan niga geuraeseo
이 못난 눈물을 멈출 수가 없어서...
I motnan nunmureul meonchul suga eopseoseo...

얼마나 더 아프면 나를 바라봐 줄 수 있니
Eolmana deo apeumyeon nareul barabwa jul su inni
얼마나 더 눈물 흘리면 사랑해 줄거니, 안아줄 수 있니
Eolmana deo nunmul heullimyeon saranghae julgeoni, Anajul su inni~

내 사람이라서 내 사랑이라서
Nae saramiraseo nae saramiraseo
눈물이 더는 널 놓아줄 수 없대 미안해
Nunmuri deoneun neol nohajul su eoptae (saranghae) mianhae
내 사람이라서 너를 포기할 수가 없어
Nae saramiraseo (saramiraseo) neoreul pogihal suga eopseo
제발 부탁이야... 내 맘을 들어줘 제발 부탁이야... 더 멀어지지 마.
Jebal butagiya... nae mameul deureojweo Jebal butagiya... deo meoreojiji ma.


I guess something went in my eye, that’s why I keep crying
The tears bring the man that I’ve hidden deep in a little corner of my heart

Even if you can’t heart even if you don’t listen to my heart
Will you someday listen to the love that my tears convey

Because you’re my man because you’re my love
Even after I’ve sent you even after I’ve sent you you’re still left here in my heart and you make me cry
Because you’re still my man because to me you still are
I can’t stop these wicked tears

I guess you can’t heart the sound of my heart
Because I was scared that the stupid tears would flow I force myself to hold them in

Why can’t you hear why can’t you look at me
Look back I’m here behind you, I love you you dummy

Because you’re my man because you’re my love
Even after I’ve sent you even after I’ve sent you you’re still left here in my heart and you make me cry
Because you’re still my man because to me you still are
Because I can’t stop these wicked tears…

How much more do I have to hurt before you look at me
How many more tears to I have to spill for you to love me, for you to hold me

Because you’re my man because you’re my love
The tears say that they can’t let you go any longer I’m sorry
Because you’re my man I can’t give up on you
Please I’m begging you... please listen to my heart I’m begging you... Don’t go further away.


God of Study / 공부의 신 [2010]

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Well I thought I'd never post this entry at all! I've finished watching this drama for some time and I just procrastinated on creating this entry. Let's just assume my lazy bug has bitten me. Nonetheless, this entry is created!

I've got to say that God of Study is a bit old and my review may be a tad too late. But due to the fact that it is currently airing in Singapore on a mandarin cable channel, I thought it may be appropriate to air some comments.

I was attracted to the show primarily for two reasons: The adaption of Dragon Zakura and the actors in this drama. Kim Soo Ro stars as Kang Suk Ho, a lawyer who took up a job to review the conditions of the school. After learning about the conditions of the school and the very fact he himself was reformed by a former teacher who didn't give up on him, he decides to save the school by creating a special class promising admission to the most prestigious college in Korea, "Chun-Ha-Dae University." Hwang Baek Hyun (Yoo Seung Ho), Gil Pul Lip (Go Ah Sung), Hong Chan Do (Lee Hyun Woo), Na Hyun Jung (Park Ji Yeon) and Oh Bang Goo (Lee Chan Ho) decides to join the special class due to various reasons. The story tells about the dedication and hardships they have to go through to achieve the dreams that they want.

In terms of actor lineup, for a school drama, I would consider it to be an overkill. Kim Soo Ro is an accomplished actor and you may remember him as the "game master" in the variety show "Family Outing". Bae Doo Na is Han Soo Jung, a dedicated teacher who always thinks about her students. Bae Doo Na should not sound unfamiliar to Japan drama fans as she has lots of work in Japan. Perhaps, her most daring role to date is her role as an inflatable doll in "Air Doll" where there are scenes where she is naked. Park Ji Yeon is a member of popular Kpop group "T-ara" while Go Ah Sung is the main lead in the Korean movie "The Host".

That said, while the average ratings for the drama in Korea is pretty impressive, I am less impressed with the adaption of Dragon Zakura. Of course, the writers tried to relate it to the Korean way of excelling. Also, there are some changes where it is different from the Japan version. I have nothing against the changes. However, after watching both dramas, I'd still prefer the original version due to a couple of reasons.

For the Korean version, I thought that the tips that were given in the show is somewhat ambiguous as compared to the Japanese version. I gave this part my benefit of doubt as I do not know the Korean education structure. However, I still thought that the Japanese version seem more precise, focusing on certain areas that viewers can easily catch.

Another reason, although somewhat biased, is that I still feel the actor lineup for the Japanese version is just too strong. Kim Soo Ro really is a good actor, however against Abe Hiroshi, Abe's acting is more natural due to his smugness. Student-wise, I think of it as a tie but I was hoping the writers should develop each student's sub-plot in a better way. The flow for the Japanese version seems to be smoother, while the Korean version gives me a snip-shot feeling.

Make no mistake, overall, I enjoyed watching this drama. However, due to the fact that I have watched the original version before, this version left me with a short feeling.

Probably that why, I procrastinated.