Boku to Star no 99 Nichi [2011 Fall]

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Continuing with my never ending list of dramas to catch up, I've decided to choose a more recent and light hearted drama to watch. Boku to Star no 99 Nichi is Kim Tae Hee's first japanese drama. Although Kim Tae Hee was introduced to the japanese public through IRIS, that was essentially an imported drama. This drama is her first japan feature.

Boku to Star no 99 Nichi is a light hearted drama comedy about a bodyguard and the star he is supposed to protect. Namiki Kohei (Nishijima Hidetoshi) is a 40 year old part time bodyguard who seems to have no dreams of the future and is easily bossed around by his family and boss. Han Yuna (Kim Tae Hee) a top korean star invited to act in a drama. Their fate crossed when Namiki is assigned to protect Yuna for 99 days. As Kohei and Yuna come closer and closer to each other, they begin to fall for each other. What will happen after 99 days? Will they go their separate ways?

For the start, Kim Tae Hee looks absolutely fabulous in here. I'm also very impressed with her command of Japanese as usually foreign artists will be struggling with the command of the language, especially with the amount of lines a main lead will have. However, Kim Tae Hee, together with Taecyeon of Korean boy group 2PM, perform admirably for their grasp of the language.

Nishijima Nidetoshi is not unfamiliar to me as I've watched another drama that he starred in. The only difference is that the former drama has a more serious tone while this is the first time I've seen him in a comedy drama. I thought his performance was good, but probably not spectacular enough. On the other hand, the 2nd male lead, Sasaki Kuranosuke, who acted as a top japan superstar Takanabe Yamato in the drama, stole the scenes in the drama with his larger than life comedic acting. However, this is what I expected from Sasaki Kuranosuke because he is a very versatile actor who is really good with his facial and body expressions. And he clearly deliver in the show because all the comedic moments are created by him.

I wouldn't say the drama is exciting nor unexpected. However, the quality of the production is still high and the overall story holds, with few loopholes here and there. If you're looking for something unexpected, this is clearly not the one for you. After all, you do not do something unexpected in romantic comedy dramas.

I would say people would definitely be drawn to this drama due to the Kim Tae Hee factor. I'd say this because besides looking absolutely radiant in the drama, Kim Tae Hee offers something different from the japanese actresses. In a way, because she's a foreign actress, it was refreshing in a way. Do catch the drama if you have not done so!

薛凱琪 - Better Me

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Recently I chanced upon this song and I thought the lyrics to this song is really beautiful. If you are the recipient for this song, I believe you'll shed tears of joy.

Better Me



I can Smile a little more
Sing a little more
Feel a little more

說好了要為幸福 一天天地練習
練習 Laugh a little more
Love myself a little more
為你我變成了 Better me

有一天生命會老去 還好謝謝有你

在你眼中 I see the better in me
Coz I can Smile a little more
Sing a little more
Feel a little more 全因為你

說好了要為幸福 一天天地練習
練習 Laugh a little more
Love myself a little more
為你我變成了 Better me

教我拋開所有猜疑 也許
我也美麗 值得一個奇蹟

不然今天就不能 如此地有勇氣

Now I promise to you
And I can swear to you
為你我 一定加倍 珍惜*我自己
做一個值得你 驕傲的 Better me
一個值得你 愛的Better me

Killer K / 소녀K [2011]

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Recently I was chatting with my friend regarding J-dramas and K-dramas and we talked about the dramas he has yet to watch / catch up. I was telling him about my backlog and he basically rolled his eyes and told me to get on with it.

Well, I had to start somewhere and so I've decided to watch the shortest drama in my backlog list. Killer K is a 3 part series by CGV and it stars rookie actress Han Groo as the main lead Cha Yeonjin. Killer K talks about a girl where one incident one night changed her life from being an high school girl to become an assassin bent on avenging her mother's death after personally witnessing her death. However, the agency that she works for more than meets the eye and eventually she will be the one who will stop all this.

Firstly, I'll need to give a special praise for the production team for creating a high production 3 parter series where the action for each episode is evenly spread out. Of course, for a 3 part drama series there're bound to have certain areas that they have to rush through but I'm not complaining about it as the fighting and gun scenes more than make up for it.

I'm also surprised with some content within the drama where as a drama serial and Korean TV in general that they actually allow full topless scenes and simulated sex scenes in the drama. Given that this is a midnight drama, but given the knowledge I have regarding Korean content on TV, this is really surprising. Not only that, the blood squirting from wounds really reminds me of the movie Ahjussi, but of course on a tamer nature. Nonetheless, these details actually helps to increase the realism of the drama.

A special mention has to be given to Han Groo who's more well known to be a singer than an actress. My first contact with Han Groo was in music shows, where she is debuting as a rookie singer. But after finishing this drama, I can safely say she can find her path in acting as well as her performing as the main lead is thoroughly convincing. She can also branch out to be an action star as her fighting skills within the drama is convincing and there are not that many female action stars within the Korean industry.

In summary, this drama is really kickass and worth a watch. Do catch it while you can! And now to my other dramas......