IRIS / 아이리스 [2009]

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I got to admit, after watching IRIS, my conception of Korean dramas has changed a lot. Yes, I got to acknowledge that I'm a bit slow in watching this drama since it was air-ed slightly more than a year back, but the reason of me catching this drama is so that I could start watching Athena: Goddess of War. Tsk.

So let me start by giving the final score first. On a scale of 10, I think I could give this show a score of 11. The scriptwriters of IRIS is excellent and probably it'll a bit hard to beat this drama.

Lee Byun Hun stars as Kim Hyun Joon, who together with Jin Sa Woo (Jung Jun Ho), his best friend in the special forces, are brought into a top secret organization known as NSS. Choi Seung Hee (Kim Tae Hee) is their team leader, whom they both fall in love with due to different circumstances. However, their lives changed forever when Hyun Joon is given an individual task to assassinate a top North Korean political figure in Hungary. He got injured in the process and was instead being ordered to be silenced by an organization called IRIS. Hyun Joon is determined to find out what IRIS is and why he is being targeted.

This drama is really taxing on the actors in this show. Of course, being a thriller drama, one would expect a lot of gun battles and fighting scenes. However, scenes like special forces training by dragging a tyre behind, as well as Kim Tae Hee being flung around in various scenes. This is indeed trying on the actors and I got to applaud them for their efforts.

I got to specially mention Kim Tae Hee in this drama as I really thought she did very well in the drama. Her chemistry with Lee Byun Hun is flawless and it showed in the couple scenes that the two have together. Lee Byun Hun, as an international actor now that he has acted in foreign movies, gives a solid performance as well.

If there's a sore point in the drama, it may be that the scriptwriters may have original planned to keep this drama at 16 episodes since the majority of the story is based on one incident (trying to not provide spoliers). Beyond 16th, the rest of the story is simply trying to tidy things up regarding the organisation IRIS, but they didn't do much in that aspect as well. Probably, they were already thinking of a sequel to the drama, which is in the works for release in fall 2011. However, that brings it to the second point: The way they end the drama, how is Lee Byun Hun gonna contribute to IRIS 2 at all? (go watch the drama and you'll get what I mean).

But overall, this scripting errors should not deny the fact the drama is well written, well paced and the action is tremendous. A must-watch if you have the opportunity to do so. And oh yeah, I broke my 16 episode limit for Korean dramas.


I got to add more stuff here. I forget to mention the OST is solid as well and Baek Ji Young gives me the chills when she belts out these ballads. She's truly the queen of OST soundtracks.

Baek Ji Young - Do Not Forget (IRIS OST)