It's all worth it

Posted by :: sixtwentyseven :: | Posted in | Posted on Monday, May 11, 2009

What job in the world fits this description:

- Starts the day at 5am in the morning and willingly ends at 2am?
- Experience all the weather conditions in Singapore (Thunderstorm, drizzle, sun rain, cloudy day, SUNNY day) in one day?
- Attire for the day is shirt + tie + pants + gleaming leather shoes yet sweat in midday sun?
- eats a nice array of cocktails for breakfast at 7am?
- drives around Singapore with a purpose?
- backroom staff to prepare for an important night?

Tiring, but nonetheless meaningful. Even my dad commented that I've never been this anxious before. Trim nails, cut hair, no facial hair sticking out, shirt and pants are ironed, shoes is gleaming till you can smile in it.

Yups, that's being my friend's "brother" for his wedding night. TIring but thoroughly enjoyable =)