Shonen Merikensack [2009]

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Well it a break from my usual routine of giving my thoughts on Jap drama as this is actually a movie. I managed to get hold of this wacky comedy was just out this year and featuring the irresistibly cute Miyazaki Aoi as the lead.

The show's is about Kanna (Miyazaki Aoi), who on her last day of her contract, saw a clip posted on the web about a punk band and her manager instantly liked them. What's more, the clip the manager posted on their record label website managed to garner 100,000 hits! What's more, the label managed to sell out their tour of Japan! Hence, Kanna has track the band down. However, the big problem was that the clip was actually 25 years ago and the band has been a bunch of old geezers in their 40s and 50s!

It's quite refreshing to see Koichi Sato (if you're wondering who he is, he's the manager in the drama series "Pride") as an old geezer trying to act rock. But the then, isn't this whole show about a bunch of has-been geezers trying to make a comeback based on their 25 year ago clip?

What draws me to the show in the first place is of course the super duper cute Aoi-chan. Looking at one of the scene below, definitely she's a draw.

Another thing about Japanese comedies is that you can be assured of the quality in slapstick humor. Somehow, it's somewhat different from the western or Stephen Chow
slapstick but it's kinna make sense. Oh well, this movie definitely has been rolling.

Give it a try!