My Rainy Days (Tenshi No Koi) [2009]

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I got to say I seldom watch movies on my own in cinemas. Everybody's always going with someone to watch a movie and here I am watching it alone by myself. But then again, sometimes my movie choices can be a bit perculiar. Tenshi no Koi is one the example. I remember the first movie I watched alone was "Swing Girls" and luckily the cinema was pretty empty, so I didn't felt weird. For this instance, I was pleasantly surprised that I wasn't the only one watching it alone. Even though the cinema was half packed, seeing these individual strangers made me feel at ease and hence able to enjoy the movie more.

Tenshi no Koi stars Sasaki Nozomi as Ozawa Rio, a 17 year old girl who has experienced life more than others. Due to a traumatic incident when she was 14, Rio decided to only care about herself from getting hurt again. Friends and boys to her are just tools for her to get money to live a lavish lifestyle. However, all that changed when she met a 35 year old history professor Ozawa Kouki, acted by Tanihara Shosuke. From him, she learns what is true love and how her actions before has in fact hurt the people that she really cares. Through him, she began to open up to her true self and through her, slight changes can be seen in Kouki's character as well. However, one day, Kouki suddenly disappears....

I have to say I had trouble recognising Sasaki Nozomi as she seems to be a new face to me. When i did a search on google, I was pleasantly surprised that she has already acted in a couple of movies and dramas as well. For the Winter'10 drama season, she starred in Massanagu no Otoko and her movies include Handsome Suit as well. This means she has actually starred in the same movie as Tanihara Shosuke. I don't think anyone should find Tanihara Shosuke unfamiliar as he has acted in various dramas and movies including Love Shuffle (One of my all time favourtie drama!)

For a newbie like Sasaki Nozomi and landing a lead role after one movie is pretty amazing and she shows she may be primed for stardom. She has the Fukuda Kyoko pout which I thought when she did that in the movie really looks like the former. I find her chararcter quite likable in the movie even though she is supposed to be quite persistent when love arrives, as shown in the movie. Kawaii, but not overly so. On the other hand, I thought this movie is too simple for Tanihara's acting. Just had this feeling that he didn't need to use much of his acting skills to protray his character. Maybe it's this factor that let me to think Sasaki Nozomi doing a decent job on her part.

However, I was still a bit disappointed the promotional movie poster that they used here in my country. I just feel that this poster doesn't properly reflect on the whole basis of the story. If you really need to know how the poster looks like, it's the picture shown below.

Overall, I like this movie especially the soundtrack sung by Yuna Ito and Love Psychedelico. But how I wish I had someone to hug with when I watch this love story. =/