Au Revoir Taipei 一頁台北 [2010]

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Anybody who tried to conjure out how the synopsis of a story using just the movie poster is going to be terribly wrong with Au Revoir Taipei. Just when you thought this is gonna be a sweet love story between the two cast shown in the poster, again you'll be very surprised.

The story started with the departure of the Kai's (Jack Yao, 姚淳耀) girlfriend, Faye, to Paris. In order to attempt to join his girlfriend, he began going to a bookstore to self learn French through one of the guidebooks available. In the bookstore, he befriended Susie (Amber Kuo, 郭采潔), who worked in the bookstore. Susie, who has feelings for Kai due to his determination to learn, had always tried to make small talk with Kai, but he was more interested to learn than to bother her. However, things changed when Faye decided to break up with Kai. Kai, in his desperation to go to Paris to salvage the relationship. However as his family is poor, he decided to turn to soon-to-be retired triad boss Bao (Gao Ling Feng, 高淩風) for help. In exchange for the money, Bao asked Kai to help him collect a parcel from another person. Bao's nephew Hong(Lawrance Ko, 柯宇綸), is jealous that his uncle did not ask him to do the job instead and decide to thwart the transaction. However, things got a little messy when a kidnapping and cop-chasing were involved in a messy night in Taipei.

Frankly speaking, I was thoroughly entertained by the movie as I was surprised by the storyline (FYI, I did not read any reviews or sort before I watched the movie). And one thing I love about the show is how the director tried to portray Taipei as Paris with the clever use of soothing background music that is jazzy yet utterly french, as well as the line dancing in the middle of the movie to convey Taipei can be romantic as well.

Credits has to go to the rest of the cast that has small parts but important for the movie. Characters such as Gao, Kai's good buddy who got abducted due to the parcel; Jiyong, who was chasing Kai due to the parcel and got dumped by his girlfriend on the same night, add colors to the movie which is already vibrant in its own nature. The director also showcased Taiwan's street snacks scene, making anyone who watched the movie with an empty stomach wanting to try those snacks as well. The director also stuck with the formula to keep each scene short and simple so that they do not bore the audience and kept the colors bright to make it a visual escapade.

Overall, I was very surprised with the storyline as well as the production of the movie and I'm beginning to feel the movie churning out from Taiwan is going to surprise quite a few persons. Although trying to replicate the success of Cape No. 7 is going to hard, they can still score in the indie film scene.

Here's the official trailer of the show: