Bangkok Traffic Love Story (รถไฟฟ้า..มาหานะเธอ) [2009]

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Bangkok Traffic Love Story or Rodfaifah.. Ma Ha Na Ther in Thai, was recently released in selective cinemas in Singapore. The show stars Cris Horwang as Ly, a thirty year old lady desperate for love when all her best friends married. Theeradej Wongpuapan is Loong, or Uncle, who met Ly when she met with an accident after trying to drive home after her good friend, Ped's, wedding. Ly was infatuated with Loong, and she was thrilled to meet Loong again when Ly caught her maid having a rendezvous with her boyfriend and so happens the boyfriend called Loong to bail him out of trouble. Ly decided that she has to take initiative to "chase" Loong if she is to realise her future happiness.

Filming of Bangkok Traffic love Story was sponsored by the BTS, and the film included many scenes depicting maintenance work on the system and its infrastructure. The film was promoted as part of BTS's tenth anniversary celebrations. The film's Thai name, Rod fai fah.. Ma Ha Na Ther, translates as "Skytrain, coming to meet you", and is a word play on Rot Fai Fa Maha Nakhon (รถไฟฟ้ามหานคร), which, however, is actually the Thai name of the MRT underground system rather than the BTS. The English title is abbreviated BTS to coincide with that of the skytrain system.
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Usually for Thai films which made it to Singapore, there are three distinct genres: Comedy, Horror or action. Of the three, I prefer comedy as usually when I go to watch a movie, I prefer something light break the seriousness of things happening around the world. Bangkok Traffic Love Story certainly fits the bill as the laughter starts almost from the beginning till the end. The film didn't purposely produce the laughter, but it comes almost naturally to entertain the audience. Of course, having some quirky characters such as a boy who loves to jeans so tight that he can hardly lift his legs certainly helps. Oh one more thing, the Thai language plays a part too. Somehow or another, if a particular scene changes its language to say, English, I don't think the laughter will be produced.

One special mention in the movie is Ungsumalynn Sirapatsakmetha or Pattie for short. She's one of the up and coming actress in the country and I realised she was also part of the cast in Hormones, the movie that I reviewed recently.

Overall, the acting by the cast is good, with Cris really looking irresistible in the movie. Maybe it's the fact that she doesn't carry heavy make up in the show and is all natural in the movie. ahhhh~~~

Here's a special MV from the show: