The Mamiya Brothers [2006]

Posted by :: sixtwentyseven :: | Posted in , | Posted on Monday, September 20, 2010

It was by chance that I found this movie and it was also by chance that I had the opportunity to catch this movie. My first reaction after watching this movie is: "Only the Japanese can pull this kind of movie off." The second reaction after watching this movie is thinking what genre this movie is. I'll explain that later.

The main protagonists of this movie is of course the Mamiya brothers, with Elder brother Akinobu played by Kuranosuke Sasaki, more famous in Iryu series as Fujiyoshi Sensei. The younger brother Tetsunobu is played by Muga Tsukaji of Hansome Suit fame. The story tells about 2 brothers who in their 30s but yet still very close together. Their only short-coming is that they live in a rather otaku lifestyle with little social life and of course a lack of women in their life. One day, Tetsunobu decided to introduce girls to his elder brother by organising a curry party. Tetsunobu decides to invite a shy primary school teacher, Yuriko-sensei (Takako Tokiwa), while Akinobu decides to invite Naomi (Sawajiri Erika), the video store counter girl that he meets often. Akinobu subsequently falls in love with Naomi, while Tesunobu had a crush on his brother's colleague's estranged wife Saori. As things turn out, things do not have as they wish, but at least they have each other to fall back on.

The reason I mentioned I have no idea what genre this movie is is because it's neither a comedy, yet it's not exactly a melodrama either. But I got to love the casting of the show with three hot actress (Sawajiri, Takao and Keiko Kitagawa, who acted as Sawajiri's younger sister). Also, the acting between the Mamiya brothers is superb. You could really feel the bond between the two actors, and I think it can put real siblings to shame. And also, how can you resist 3 hot ladies in kimonos?! ♥♥♥

Overall, the show is a bit too slow for me, or I happen to run out of patience when I was watching it. But definitely, this show is quirky none the least. I think most will enjoy watching this show.