Hello Stranger [2010] (กวน มึน โฮ)

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I've just realised that for the whole month of November, I have only blogged about Cheer Chen's concert and nothing else! No reviews for any movies, dramas etc. Well, it's not exactly nothing is going on but rather whether is there any value in blogging some stuff I've experiencing during this period. Anyway, enough said for the past month and for the start of the new month it's time for another movie review!

Hello Stranger or Kuan Meun Ho in Thai, starts its run in Singapore starting from today 2 December, in selected cinemas. The show stars Chantavit Dhanasevi as the male lead and Nuengtida Sopon as the female lead. If you have watched the Thai movie "Hormones" before, Chantavit Dhanasevi should not be foreign to you as he stars in that movie as well. As for Nuengtida Sopon, she is new to me so I do not have any data regarding her except knowing her pet name is Nuna. But one thing's for sure, she is really pretty and does not look Thai. I even commented that Nuengtida in the movie looked really like Hyomin of Korean Pop Group T-ara as below:

Although the male and female's lead names are not disclosed throughout the movie, they did use pesudo names. For the male lead, he was given the "Darng" or puppy in Thai while the female lead introduced herself as "May". The story starts with the two leads going to South Korea for very different reasons. Darng is sarcastic guy with a foul mouth while May is a fanatic for Korean dramas. Darng joined a tour group to get away the blues from the breakup with his longtime girlfriend. May is travelling to Korea to attend her Korean friend's wedding but had to do so behind her over zealous boyfriend. Upon reaching Korea, Darng got drunk and ended up sleeping on the sidewalk of a backpacker lodge where May was staying. Although May tried to guide Darng back to his hotel the next morning, the tour group left the hotel without Darng. Darng decided to tag along May as his command of Korean is poor and is traveling alone for the first time in a foreign country.

Since the director is the same as Bangkok Traffic Love Story, you should be expected to have the same kind of witty dialogue that is found in this movie as well. Also, due to the popularity of Bangkok Traffic Love Story in Singapore, this movie reached our shores pretty fast as the movie was only aired in Thailand in August. As compared to the former which took almost a year to reach our shores, this movie is really recent.

Before typing this article, I have read though some other articles on the review of this movie. I'd say that for the purpose of this movie which is a rom-com, it has served its purpose well. Some articles mentioned about the impossible relationship between the two main leads, I'd say chill down and just accept everything as it is. Yes, the storyline may be a bit out of reality but I'd say the movie won't be the way it is with the sense of reality.

Also while searching the internet for more info, I found that the movie poster has 3 different variations as shown below:

From the posters, it's obvious that this will be a fun movie to watch hence I somewhat couldn't understand all the seriousness with the other articles. Most importantly is that I enjoyed laughing at the lame jokes in the movie and I came out of the cinema as a happier person. Oh, the scenery for some of Korea's famous tourist spots helps the cinematography as well with shots at Coffee Prince Cafe, Namiseom Island where Winter Sonata was shot, Nansum Tower as well as other scenic locations.

Hmm, don't know what I'm talking? Probably the pictures below will tell more.

Still not convinced about the movie? I think the movie trailer will wet your appetite!