Queen In Hyun's Man / 인현왕후의 남자 [2012]

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Yoo In Na at last stars in her first drama as a lead! Or I'm more excited because I'm looking forward to the chemistry between Ji Hyun Woo and Yoo In Na ever since both of the declared their love for each other after the drama ended its production. The rumours of their relationship really started when Hyun Woo suddenly made a confession of liking Yoo In Na during a fan meet.

Then slightly over a week later, a reporter managed to spot Hyun Woo and In Na dating with their hands held together. After which, In Na decides to announce their relationship during her regular radio show.

Even though I'm already interested in watching this drama due to the fact that it's In Na's first starting role, after these real life events unfold, I seriously want to watch the chemistry between Hyun Woo and In Na in the drama.

In summary, Ji Hyun Woo stars as Kim Boong Do, an official who is close to the kind and loyal to the disposed Queen In Hyun. In trying to uncover the atrocities of the evil ministers, he is being hunted by the enemies and was almost killed, if not for an talisman that his servant has gave him. Amazingly, the talisman acted as a time machine and transported him 300 years into the future to the modern world and the first person he encountered is Choi Hee Jin (Yoo In Na). Hee Jin is a down and out actress who had just managed to snag a big role in a historical drama. Coincidentally, she is assigned the role of Queen In Hyun. Is this just a coincidence or are they just fated to meet, even though they are 300 years apart?

After knowing the relationship between Hyun Woo and In Na in real life, I must say watching this drama is akin to watching their own love story unfold. If the scenes are acted based on the exact timeline of the production, you could really see the camaraderie developing between the 2 leads until it becomes not just teamwork but the natural connection they have between them. And the outcome is a performance that is highly connectable due to their real life connections.

However, the show is not about the love story between the two leads but also the excellent OST that accompanies the drama. Just like Padam Padam earlier where the OST alone attracted me to watch the drama, Queen In Hyun's Man does the same effect as well.

Another Time, The Same Sky is sung by 8ight's Joo Hee and she gives a highly polished effort in this song. This song is used frequently in the drama to describe the pains the female lead felt when pinning for the person she loved who existed 300 years ago.

Just Once, sung by 4men's Young Jae, is more about the guy's feeling. Just like the title, just one more time, I want to see you again and the song is used in the drama to convey the feelings of the male lead.

I'm coming to see you, sung by Deok Hwan, tells the story between the two leads and their desire to see each other all the time. Personally, Deok Hwan is rather unknown to me. However, the first song in the drama that caught my attention was actually this song, and I especially love the effects the song has on the scenes where both the male and female lead meet each other.

Overall, this drama by its own is already a good production and i especially love Yoo In Na's cutesy image in the drama. Okay, I got to admit she is my bias in terms of the actress I like but her crying scenes in the drama are really top class and some of the scenes she really cried hard, which is not easy at all. Coupled with the real life incidents unfolding after the drama ended its production, this makes Queen In Hyun's Man a drama that should not be missed.