Nobuta Wo Produce

Posted by :: sixtwentyseven :: | Posted in , | Posted on Friday, March 12, 2010

This is a bit peculiar to me as I remembered watching this show before but when I (re)watched it again, I didn't find any parts familiar to me. And besides I've heard of this show way back and managed to complete it just recently. But it still bugs me: why I managed to miss out on such a great show?

Kiritani Shuji (Kamenashi Kazuya) is a popular guy in school who can gets along with everyone. However, to him getting popular is just a game to him, thus he doesn't have any real friends in school. However, he has one person he can't stand in class and that's Kusano Akira (Yamashita Tomohisa). To Shuji, Akira is plain irritating. He laughs, talks and acts fuuny. Things change when a new transfer student, Kotani Nobuko (Horikita Maki), appeared. She's a girl with no self confidence and is content to be bullied around. Shuji, unable to accept bulling, eventually teams up with Akira to "produce" Nobuko, to change her to become the most popular student in school. Together in the journey about friendship and youthfulness, they changed themselves as well for the better.

Again, how I managed to miss this show is at best bewildering. This show is like 5 years ago, with high rating of close to 17%, almost quite impossible to miss. However, I'm glad that I managed to watch it. Especially important is that I'm able to see the improvements made by Yamapi and Maki in terms of their acting through these 5 years. I could really say they have matured in their acting, especially for Yamapi.

Do catch it if you missed it out like me!