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I thought of this word suddenly when I decided to pay my blog a visit at the main page. I don't know why but the current song playing in my playlist never fails to invoke a sense of blogging. Most likely, I remembered the part the song has played in Autumn's Concerto (下一戰,幸福). Speaking of which, Autumn's Concerto has just finished it run last sunday.

Was a bit disappointed with the ending. Although it's only half an hour, I just felt it's a bit rushed. The perpetual problem with Taiwanese drama is that they know how to make a great story, but they have no idea how to end it. Sadly for a great drama, the ending is so abrupt and it's like this half an hour can be incorporated in the last episode shown the week before. I know they need to draw viewers to the next show airing at the same time slot, but please make it more entertaining and meaningful.

The reason why I thought of the word is because I was having an image in my head regarding tranquility and I thought what results would google churn out. I didn't feel most of the picture depict tranquility and certainly not one picture that featured somebody's asses. Tranquility is like the extension of my last post; the stillness of the air. But tranquility is much more. It's about the peace of the inner self, being in balance inside.

I don't think I'm in balance, but living life as it is, I guess, is a good expression of tranquility: finding the balance in the chaotic world.