Amalfi [2009]

Posted by :: sixtwentyseven :: | Posted in , | Posted on Thursday, June 10, 2010

I can't believe I actually missed out this superb movie from my must watch list. Amalfi packs a superb main and supporting cast as well, with Oda Yuji, Amami Yuki, Toda Erika and Sato Koichi as the lead cast, and Otsuka Nene, Fukuyama Masaharu and Ito Atsushi heading the strong supporting cast.

The story starts with Kuroda, acted by Oda Yuji arriving early in Rome due to a visit by the Japanese Foreign Minister. Originally to overlook the security of the visit, he was distracted by another case whereby a mother(Amami Yuki) who is on tour with her young daughter has lost her daughter at a museum. Things turned for the worst when she received a call from the kidnapper demanding a ransom for her daughter. Kuroda decides to help the mother to get back her daughter.

The reason I really gave praise to the show is because it kinds of reminds you of Angels & Demons, with the plot on suspense as well. Furthermore, more impressive is the fact that the whole movie was shot entirely in Italy, an uncommon sight for Japanese movies, baring Nodame Cantabile. Lastly, the cast and supporting cast is very, very strong. You seldom see a movie casting with so many heavyweights in the lead and supporting cast.

Another part I love about this movie is that it's rather refreshing to watch a jap movie with an international appeal. Usually, jap movies have a certain "edge" with it and with one watch you know that you're watching a jap movie. Amalfi, on the other hand, as I've said earlier, have some similarities with Angels & Demons and the feel for this movie is more international, which makes it good for marketing in overseas market. Maybe this is also the reason why this show is also distributed to my country.

Lastly, a nice part for the movie is that it's not slow paced at all. Jap movies sometimes require certain amount of patience to watch as it can get draggy and takes a longer time to get into story. This movie, on the other hand, keeps the pace well.

In summary, a great suspense movie and I certainly will recommend this show to anyone who wants a first try into jap movies.