Pandemic (Kansen Retto) [2009]

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Japanese disaster movie is somewhat of a cliche in terms of how they make the movie. In a way, it's pretty distinctive Japanese styled. However, in terms of disaster movies, the Japanese movie industry is still far ahead in the Asian markets as the rest seldom does a disaster movie as well as the Japanese.

Pandemic tells about a virus that was imported by a doctor who went back to Japan to visit his daughter just before her wedding. However, as the doctor was already infected with this unknown virus, and the virus is an airborne virus, the virus was caught on by his daughter's fiancee. When the fiancee went to the hospital to seek for treatment, the doctor in charge misdiagnosed it as a common cold due to its symptoms. However, not long after, the fiancee arrived at the ER with bleeding from the mouth, nostrils and eyes, and died not long after. As the time goes by, the doctor begins to realise this is not the normal type of virus he is encountering and soon the virus spreads like wildfire among the population unknown to its existence.

What I really liked about this movie is its portrayal of the medical staff: the doctors, the nurses and their nobleness to treat highly infectious people that continues to stream through their doors. Another reason for feeling about the movie is the remembrance of the SARS outbreak that happened in my country and how each medical staff put the patient before thinking about themselves; truly great personnel.

Although I find the movie considerably good, I just thought the ending was a bit draggy for my liking and the pace was slightly slow. Also, they are certain sub plots that I thought the director just simply brushed though where it could be further developed. Nonetheless, I'm glad to see Satoshi Tsumabuki on the big screen again as I thought his new work somewhat dried up recently.

A movie worth a look, but do not expect too much surprises.