Tobo Bengoshi [2010 Summer]

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Onslaught with my review of Japanese dramas! This year's summer drama is pretty exciting and quite a number of well known actors and actresses are back with new dramas this season. One of my favourite actress is Ishihara Satomi and I was pretty pleased she's back with a decent drama in Tobo Bengoshi. I liked Satomi-chan ever since H2 era (she was exceptionally kawaii in that drama!).

Tobo Bengoshi, or Fugitive Lawyer, talks about an upright lawyer who was framed for murder, arson and embezzlement. Kamiji Yusuke of "Celeb to Bimbo Taro" stars in this drama as the main lead Narita, who was framed for killing his mentor, setting his lawyer firm on fire to destroy evidence and embezzling money through shoddy paperwork. In order to prove his innocence, he escaped from police custody to become a fugitive so that he can search for evidence to prove his innocence. Along the way, he met ordinary citizens who were bullies by people abusing the law and decides to help them as he continue to search for clues.

The line up of this drama is pretty heavy, with experienced actors and actress such as Kitamura Kazuki, Yada Akiko, Sato Jiro, Toyohara Kosuke in the drama. Hence, the acting quality of this show is pretty good. Also, since Tobo Bengoshi is adapted from a manga of the same title, and usually manga adapted stories are better in story telling, the pace of the drama is well even out as well. However, just like Shinzanmono, the drama is slow off the blocks are I thought the first few episodes are slightly draggy. Because the ending focuses on the main plot, I thought the sub plot towards the end where the lawyer continues to help ordinary folks can be shelved off and instead continue to develop on the main plot itself. Nonetheless, Japan scriptwriters does not disappoint on detective stories and this is no exception. The ratings for this show is also pretty decent with 9..1% viewership average.

Do catch this drama if you're a Ishihara Satomi fan, as I thought her previous outings on popular dramas is a tad disappointing.