Zettai Reido [2010 Spring]

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Just realised for the past few reviews that I have made was all on movies or other stuff that I have posted and the last drama review I made was way back in March and it's not even a new drama. Hence I thought why not I update the scene a bit with a new review for a drama.

So far, the summer season for the Japan drama season has ended for a couple of weeks. However, they are still a few dramas that chose a later start date hence it's still screening currently in Japan. I've caught a few nice dramas since the start of the year and I thought I kick start the drama review with a Spring drama called Zettai Reido, or "Absolute Zero" in direct translation.

Zettai Reido talks about a special department in the Tokyo Metropolitan Police where unsolved murder cases will be sent to this department for storage and to be reviewed if any new lead or testimony comes up. Each case has a statutory of 15 years, after which the case will be dropped and all evidence retrieved disposed of.

Ueto Aya stars as the main lead in the show as Sakuragi Izumi, a rookie in the department. Although she is most inexperienced of all of her colleagues, she has an uncanny ability to be able to feel how the victims think before each of them met with mishap. Of course, this is not about some special ability but rather able to sense.

I would say this is the first show that I enjoyed with Ueto Aya in it. Previously, I really couldn't stand her over the top acting in dramas like "Attention Please!" which i thought was plain irritating. It was nice to see her deviate from those cutesy pie image to one of a serious actress (although I do admit I enjoyed Celeb to Bimbo Taro). As with most Japanese scriptwriters, they truly excel in writing up detective stories, hence this drama will not disappoint with each case that crops up. This is also backed up with a very decent rating of 14.4% during the Spring season. The insert songs for this drama is pretty good too, with Love Psychedelico providing both the main theme and the insert song. In summary, this drama is a pretty entertaining drama and deserves your 45 minute attention for 11 episodes.